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Little ones are instantly drawn to little Bader’s cute adorable embroidered smile, his beautiful detailed head piece and his colorful soft satin traditional caftan. This doll’s outfit is inspired by the traditional clothing of Jordanian Bedouin men. Our collectible dolls are great for storytelling especially if you tell stories about the warmth and generosity of Bedouins or about the fascinating historical towns of Jordan. Bader will inspire imaginative play and will allow your little ones create their own world.  This doll is individually handmade with love, care and attention to details.  It is frequently bought together with Nofa a Bedouin girl toy from the same collection.

A great addition to your keepsake doll collection, perfect as a souvenir from Jordan, a birthday or Christmas gift. Our Bader can’t wait to find his new home!





  • Doll’s body made of 100% cotton fabric and polyester filler
  • Its caftan is made of a traditional striped ‘ Saya’ fabric, a combination of (cotton/rayon)
  • An intricate satin stitch is embroidered on the caftan embellishing the neck and belt lines, inspired by details on traditional Bedouin costumes
  • The head piece of the doll is intricately and individually hand sewn to resemble the traditional headdress of Jordanian men which is called ‘Keffiyeh’, a scarf folded in half and held in place by a circlet of rope called an ‘agal’.
  • The name Bader is a Bedouin name and means “the full moon”
  • This doll is handcrafted in Jordan
  • To enrich the costume, the head scarf is made from the original red and white ‘Shmagh’ fabric that is traditionally worn by Jordanian men.

Dimensions & Care:

Approximate measurements:  Head to toe: 27cm   Across arm: 16cm   Thickness: 4cm

Care:  Do not machine wash or tumble dry